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Copper strips are the ultimate way to keep roofs looking better for longer. Just one copper strip, all along the roof of a home, can keep algae to a minimum, decrease lichen build up, eliminates streaking, & elimates mold buildup.

Unlike other materials, our specially designed & trademarked copper strips can be placed on new or existing roofs & will last a lifetime. These strips are stronger, warp resistant & will ionize so the bold copper color will tone down over time. Copper Cat strips are 99.9% pure grade copper & are resistant to corrosion.

Roofs made of asphalt, cedar, slate, etc. are all subject to the forces of Mother Nature, and the growth/streaking that comes along in her wake. Copper Cat Algae Terminator strips are a cost effective means of keeping a roof in great condition for a longer period of time.

We highly suggest that a professional be the one to install these strips. While we have nothing against DIY, we do not believe that the risk to these individuals is low enough. Only professionals understand the composition & installation of a roof. Installation of these strips should not void a roof warranty, and we always suggest that you check with your distributor prior to installation. This is another reason why homeowners should use a qualified roofing/building professional to install these Copper Cat strips.


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*We do NOT sell our product online. We wish to talk with all professionals to answer any questions about our product prior to the sales process.



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