Copper Cat Residential Customers

*We Do Not Sell This Product Online. All Homeowner’s With Inquiries Should Call Our Office

Your Roof Is A Huge Investment. Ensure That It Lasts


To begin, adding copper strips to your existing, or your new roof, can extend the life of the roof. Copper ionizes when water touches it. This ionized water will flow down the roof and eliminate moss, algae, lichen & streaking.

These copper strips will last a lifetime without ever losing their effectiveness. Over time, the copper will ionize and lose the brilliant copper luster, but the copper will still work!

We highly suggest that all homeowners have a professional install Copper Cat strips to their roofs. We love DIY, but often times homeowners are not familiar enough with roofing to safely complete this task. If you are already working with a roofer, fantastic!

We do sell to homeowners on a regular basis, but we do ask that you call us or fill out our form below. We want to ensure that we answer all of the questions before you order our product.


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