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A roof is a perfect breeding ground for all sorts of simple lifeforms that can cause damage to your roof. Mosses, molds, and algaes can thrive on shingles by consuming the limestone inside of them, and moisture makes it easier for them to grow and expand. This causes damage that you can’t see but it also leads to ugly stains, streaks, and discolorations that makes your entire home look bad.

Some time ago, roofers started using strips of zinc at the tops of roofs in order to ionize rainwater to prevent the growth of molds and algaes. While zinc can be helpful, it is a brittle material that can rust and be damaged by the climate and precipitation.

We knew that there had to be a better way. We decided to use copper, another non-corrosive metal that ionizes water, to stop the spread of moss, mold, and algae. Not only did we find that our copper roof strips work better than zinc at cleaning your roof, our special design prolongs water contact with the copper, which releases more ions. These additional ions move all the way down your roof to keep it free from pesky algae and their unpleasant side effects like dark spots and discoloration. Another advantage our copper system has over zinc is that copper is a much tougher metal than zinc and won’t rust or break. In fact, our copper roof strips will last for hundreds of years and you can reuse them every time you have your shingles replaced. Best of all, our system will help your roof last longer.

Comparison Test Results
We have completed comparison testing between our strips, zinc strips, and a control area, and have seen again and again that the Copper Cat system is the best way to get rid of moss on roofs. Not only did the Copper Cat system prevent more algae on the roof, it also stopped the discoloration and staining better than the zinc strip and the control area.

If you’re ready to keep your roof in better shape, contact us to find out how to order our copper roof strips. Copper Cat is dedicated to providing our customers with the strongest and longest lasting way to stop and prevent roof moss, algae, and mold. Protect your home today! Our friendly customer service reps are waiting to answer your questions or take your order.