While you might not think it is possible to protect your roof from the damage caused by pesky microorganisms like moss and algae, Copper Cat is here to offer you a solution that is easy, affordable, and incredibly effective! Our copper roof strips are designed to help maximize the length of contact that water has with them, allowing for a heavier transfer of ions that stop these growths from getting worse, while preventing new groups from springing up.

Shop with us today to get your hands on the absolute best way to prevent moss and algae from growing on your roof. Our tests have shown, again and again, that roofs equipped with Copper Cat strips have less moss and algae than unprotected roofs, and roofs that have zinc strips.

Copper Cat Strips Stop Algae and Moss

Even if you already have moss or algae, these strips will get rid of them! We designed Copper Cat to naturally stop algae and moss. The process is very simple: when rainwater hits our copper roof strips, the water becomes ionized and flows down the roof. This water stops moss and algae from continuing to eat the materials of your roof. These microorganisms may be small, but in addition to being unsightly, they can severely limit the length of time that your roof is safe and effective.

Our tests have shown that in as little as three years, you will notice that the staining, black marks, and unsightly growths associated with moss, mold, and algae will be gone, so act now and install our copper roof strips and stop the damage that has already been done from getting any worse.

Copper Cat Strips Prevent Moss and Algae

The ionized water that flows off of each Copper Cat strip will create an environment that is hostile to algae and moss that are trying to gain a foothold on your roof. This means that even when it isn’t raining, your roof is already protected against harmful invaders looking to snack on your roof!

Copper Cat Strips are Built to Last

The copper we use is as pure as possible, meaning that our strips will still be effective hundreds of years from now! Unlike zinc strips, Copper Cat is truly a one-time purchase. Copper is incredibly resilient against damage, so they won’t crack or shatter, no matter how extreme your weather is!

Copper Cat strips also look great! The pure, shining copper is a wonderful accent that will match almost any roofing material even after it oxidizes! Whether your roof is finished with cedar, slate, tile, or asphalt, these roof strips will be a welcome addition!

Order copper roof strips from us today, and rest easy knowing that your roof is protected! Don’t bother with zinc roof strips — ours are 20 times stronger than zinc and are built to provide the largest amount of ionized water across down the slope of your roof. Moss, mold, and algae have no place on your roof if you’ve got Copper Cat protecting your home!