Protecting your roof from the damage caused by moss, mold, and algae used to be a very difficult task. While traditional wisdom said that power washing your roof with specialty cleaners was a good idea, over the years we’ve learned that not only does power washing not help, it can actually speed up the deterioration of your shingles by damaging the protective coating of the roof. When the coating on your shingles is stripped away, moss, algae, and mold have an easier time getting to the limestone inside of your shingles. Does this mean that you just have to deal with these pesky microorganisms? Not anymore.

Several decades ago, someone figured out that zinc helps to ionize water which prevents moss and mold from getting a foothold on your roof. They developed strips of zinc which can be attached to the top of your roof to help stop algae and moss from spreading and doing more damage. While these strips do help, they aren’t a permanent fix and they don’t work as well as the copper roofing strips that we make here at Copper Cat.

In this blog, you’ll learn a few of the reasons why our copper strips are a better choice for protecting your roof from damage by microorganisms. Contact us today to learn more about our product or read on to find out why you should choose copper over zinc.

Copper Roof Strips Last Longer

While zinc ionizes rainwater just like our copper strips do, they do not last as long. Zinc is a more brittle material that can be damaged by extreme weather and extended contact with the elements. Copper, on the other hand, is a much stronger material that can stand up to the normal abuse that a roof takes for a hundred years or more. While it is stronger, it is also more flexible which helps it deal with changing temperatures and weather without breaking. Using our Copper Cat Algae Terminators means that your strips will last for the life of your home and as many roofs as you have to replace.

Copper Roof Strips Work Better

In addition to being tougher and longer-lasting, our strips are designed in such a way that they prolong the amount of time that rainwater is in contact with the copper. This means that more water will be ionized before it runs down across the surface of your roof. The ionization is what stops the moss, mold, and algae in their tracks. We have run many tests on many roofs that had no strips, zinc strips, and our Copper Cat strips and every time we have seen much better results with our product. Not only did our strips last longer and look better, they also kept the roof more clear of microorganisms than the control or zinc sections.

If you’re ready to help your roof look better and last longer, get in touch with us today. Our copper roof strips have been proven to last longer and work much better than the alternatives and they’ll never damage your shingles. Learn more about the difference between zinc and copper roof strips here.