If you do everything you can to make sure that your home looks great on the inside and the outside, it can be extremely frustrating to watch your roof be taken over by moss and algae. Not only does it make your roof look like it isn’t properly maintained, it is actually doing damage that can cost you a lot of money over time. Luckily, there is a way to stop the spread of these pesky microorganisms — Copper Cat copper roof strips! These strips are incredibly easy to install, last for hundreds of years, and are a wonderful way to naturally stop the spread of harmful algae and moss. Read on to learn about our roofing strips, and then place an order in our store. We always offer free shipping on every box of our strips, and we know that once you have them installed nothing else will do nearly as good of a job. Please feel free to contact us today if you have any questions.

Avoid Chemicals

There are plenty of chemicals out there that claim to remove algae and moss from your roof, but many of them come with unintended consequences. First, a lot of these chemicals can be fairly harsh and caustic. This means that while they will banish moss and algae, they’re also damaging both the outer and the inner layers of your roof. When the outer layer is damaged, it makes it far easier for these microorganisms to come back and start eating away at the inner layers.

These chemicals also reduce the length of time that your roof remains strong and usable. Perhaps worst of all, the more you use these chemicals, the more often you have to repeat the process to keep your roof free of these havoc-wreaking microorganisms! Don’t throw your money away paying for chemical treatments that are doing as much harm as good when you could buy Copper Cat roof strips!

How Copper Cat Gets Rid of Roof Moss Naturally

When it rains, water hits your roof and creates an ideal environment for algae and moss to thrive. Our copper roof strips work because they utilize the natural process of ionization. When the rain hits our strips, the special design increases the length of time they have that the water stays in contact with the copper, thus ensuring more thorough ionization. During contact, the copper releases ions into the water that are then carried down the length of the roof. Microorganisms cannot thrive in these conditions, so if they’re there, they are washed off the roof. If they land on the roof later, the ionization prevents them from getting purchase.

In addition to our strips working completely naturally, they also look great! When they’re first installed, the shining copper is an attractive addition to your roof, no matter what color or kind of material your roof is made out of, and over time they will oxidize and blend in with almost every color of tile, shingle, or shake.

Copper Roof Strips Are Better Than Zinc

Copper Cat strips also beat out comparable zinc strips in nearly every way. First, they are much stronger and more resistant to damage. Where zinc strips might only last a handful of years (especially if you live in an area with frequent hail storms and other extreme weather,) our roof strips can take a beating without breaking. In fact, because they’re made from pure copper, they will last for hundreds of years and are completely reusable every time you have your roof repaired or replaced. Our research has also shown that our strips do a much more thorough job of removing and reducing moss and algae that zinc strips. Thanks to our special design, the ionized water travels further down your roof, too. Our testing has shown that a single Copper Cat strip maintains adequate ionization for up to 30 feet!

As you can see, there is no better option for removing roof algae and moss than Copper Cat copper roof strips. Your investment in our product will last longer and work better than the alternatives, and you don’t have to replace them or worry about spraying chemicals around your home. Shop with us today to get rid of the moss on your roof!